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Reaching out to social anxiety

Introduction to social anxiety Social anxiety is a serious condition that I feel is often overlooked and under recognised by many people, even those that are affected by its symptoms. As a therapist, I am passionate about raising awareness of the condition and how the talking therapies have the potential to help. One website claims… Continue reading Reaching out to social anxiety

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Are your core emotional needs being satisfied?

Safety, Stability, Nurturance & Acceptance This is a very important question. If your core emotional needs are being met, then it is likely that you are more content. If there are some psychological problems that you are dealing with, then there is a chance that, in some way, they are not all being sufficiently met.… Continue reading Are your core emotional needs being satisfied?

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Merry Christmas ??

If there’s one annual event above all others to elevate stress levels and inflame already difficult relationship issues it has to be Christmas. Coupled with the ever increasing incidences of rising personal debt as people seek to finance a ‘perfect’ Christmas, the much beleaguered Accident and Emergency departments struggling to cope with their normal workloads,… Continue reading Merry Christmas ??