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Recovering from Addiction

Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Gambling. Nicotine. Sex. What do these six things have in common? They are all prevalent addictions. Addictions cause us to repeat behaviours that are harmful to us. We crave the object of our addiction and cannot control the impulse to partake in it. Addiction is a devastating illness. Most addictions have negative… Continue reading Recovering from Addiction

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Identifying toxic shame – a step towards healing

Toxic shame has been associated with depression, addiction, suicide, aggression, bullying and eating disorders. What is shame? It is normal to have a level of shame. It can help us to keep a good conscience and to be more socially sensitive. However when someone experiences toxic shame they believe that they are unworthy of love,… Continue reading Identifying toxic shame – a step towards healing

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Are you struggling with food addiction?

Are you obese and fed up of it? Do you have food addiction issues? Could you have a binge eating disorder? Is your food intake having an effect on your social life? Do you feel incredibly lonely? Where is joy and self-love in your life right now as you read this article? We continue to… Continue reading Are you struggling with food addiction?

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A client’s view of gambling addiction counselling

An inside peek into the steps and process for beating gambling addiction. This case study illustrates the threefold approach to creating a successful outcome for ‘David’, an anonymous portrayal of a client’s addiction, treatment, and counselling. The Client David was 38 years old when he came for counselling. He was a senior manager at an… Continue reading A client’s view of gambling addiction counselling