Addiction(s) · Alcoholism

The Illusion Behind Addictive Behaviour

Sadly, addiction is not an illusion. A key driver of addictive behaviour is the illusion of emotional stabilisation and feeling better for it. How compellingly seductive this illusion can be, is proven by the financial expense and health risks we are prepared to take. As well as the lengths we go to deny ourselves or… Continue reading The Illusion Behind Addictive Behaviour

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Spotting the initial charm of toxic people

Narcissists will often acknowledge that they are indeed narcissists, when asked, but toxic people will deny their behaviour and even try to convince you that it is you, rather than them, who has the problem with objectionable behaviour. Toxic behaviour is subtle and undermining and contaminates your self-esteem and self-concept. However, toxic people often start… Continue reading Spotting the initial charm of toxic people

Couples Issues · Relationship Issues · Relationships

Relationship is the issue

For one human being to love another, that perhaps is the most difficult task of all.” (Rilke) Behind many clients’ issues coming into therapy is the question of relationship; we are biologically created to live with others, and yet relationships can very often bring pain and distress. The fact that they can also bring joy,… Continue reading Relationship is the issue

Abuse · Domestic Violence

A Playful Tiff or Domestic Abuse?

A recent incident between Nigella Lawson and her husband Charles Saatchi is discussed by some in the context of domestic abuse. What is this and how can counselling help? Domestic violence can occur in relationships across the board, irrespective of social standing, gender, ethnicity, religion, age or other strata. According to the charity Refuge, an… Continue reading A Playful Tiff or Domestic Abuse?